Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a group!

I just had to send a shout out to all of the amazing people back home reading this blog/following these kids who have had a part in their upbringing. I can hardly believe how incredibly mature they are for high schoolers. When I asked Andrea before the trip if the kids were "good" and she told me: "oh don't worry, they're the best!" I interpreted that to mean, basically, "they won't be naughty and will follow the rules!" I had no idea that they would enter into this experience so fully and so humbly. Our conversations at night are so deep and so insightful I can hardly believe I'm not sitting in Grad school again! All of you back home, parents, teachers, youth ministers, have set them up for success in this regard...I hope you are proud! And I thank you for the privelege of accompanying them on this trip. God is using this group because of your hard work with them, to do his will. A new group arrived from Hill Murray last night who is not quite "there" yet. We talked to the kids about being evangelizers through their words, actions, and attitudes when they around these kids. The most effective way to transform hearts is in leading by example, and I just know that they're positivity is going to be a great influence and help the leaders of that group be able to get through to their kids.
The picture above, is a sign that has hung in our cafeteria in San Lucas, well, as long as I can remember. This definition of Love, is one that your kids from Saint Wence already embody. And though they may not realize it, the impact it has on others is transformative, I am so lucky to get to watch it all unfold and happen right before my eyes.
With much Gratitude,


  1. <3 Love you all!! I have heard back from many people that they read the blog many times a day to keep up with you're great experiences. A lot of people too passed on their words of "I can't figure out how to leave a comment or it asks for a cell phone # to leave comment and I don't want to give that out." SO know that they're reading and send their love as well.

    Harrison- Thank you for the phone call this morning. It made me very excited to get to talk to you! Have the big kids/daddy take pictures of you w/ your new Guatemalan friends before you leave San Lucas!

    Lori- We had a great play date with your fam! Email Brett- he misses you lots :)

    Jerm- Olive Juice. I will text you info for Saturday morning w/ Rita.

  2. PS- Harrison- please buy Shannen a gift. She is babysitting your fish for you while we are all away. Love, Mom

  3. CHERUBS!!!
    So good to hear from you, and read about you and your life adventure. I know that you are en-route to Antigua today; more adventure lies ahead. I want you all to know that I am so very proud of you. I know that you have already been changed. You are very brave to be open to the change; allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. You will come home as different people; you will never again look at things as you did less than a week ago, but you will have each other. Be patient and understanding with family and friends who do not understand, as they will not have had the same experience.
    Lastly, if you go to Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm, try the macadamia pancakes; they are amazing. Please ask the cook to write down the recipe for you; my macadamia pancakes are runny, and I always burn them. Thanks! : )
    God bless you during this most Holy Week. You are in my prayers.
    Ms. Christy