Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Update

good afternoon! This is Andrea writing from Iowa. the group just called and said they will be unable to update the blog tonight and asked if I could give you a little summary. After a few 3  and 5 am wake up days in a row most of the group was happy to get to sleep in past 8am. Jeremy, Harrison, Jon and Sam had breakfast with some friends from Guatemala City who came to visit them... hi Rita if you read this!! The girls spent most of the day doing a walking tour of the noteable buildings and churches in town while the guys hung out and rested up. The group followed the directions of some locals to find mass at 6pm which  of course ended up being wrong. So the plan now for the night is to have a spaghetti dinner and head out to San Fransico Church (where St. Hermano Pedro is buried) for vigil and adoration. Tomorrow morning the group will head up the mountain to have breakfast at the secondary resturaunt owned by Santo Domingo. After that they will head back to Antigua to visit the ruins, museum and burial crypts of Santo Domingo for some Catholic Church history/ Guatemala history/ earthquake history. They will make it to a noon mass at the the Cathedral. The afternoon will be open and I bet by that time someone will get a chance to update the blog from Guate. To see more about Santo Domingo check out .... i think thats right?! Anyways they are having a great trip and a differnt celebtraion of the Easter Week. Blessing to you all. Andrea, Nellie and Mitch!!1

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