Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! He is risen!!!

Andrea again~ I got a text a little after midnight that said "Best religious experience . Ever." I'm not sure exactly what that means but that is the best text I could ever hope to read! I am excited to hear stories and see photos/videos when they return.

Also, if you had not seen the Star Trib today there is a feature article in the Travel Section on Antigua called "Easter, over the top!" Check it out.

Enjoy the day~ the Gibbs Fam

ok update on the update! Just a text to ask me to update the blog one last time. Last night after attending a hour mass at San Fransisco Church last night they left following the sounds of beating drums down the street and they saw a procession dedicated to Mary that was beautiful and ended up following it for 2 hours throughout Antigua, arriving at the hostal after midnight. Today after the noon mass they will visit Santo Domingo (see last blog entry). There is also another procession they hope to catch in honor of Christ rising from the tomb.  With all of that being said~ they hope to get a chance to update the blog later today,have their farwell supper, do the closing retreat session and pack. Their driver will arrive at 7:30am tomorrow to start the full day of travel.

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