Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presentation Reminder

This Sunday at 6:30pm we will serve desserts, coffee and juice in the St. Wenceslaus PAC/gym. All are welcome to see our power point of pictures and a few video clips and hear stories about our trip!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome Home!!

Welcome home to our group of 20 travelers! It has been so fun to see some pictures and videos of the trip and read your blog! In order to best allow families, friends, and those who have supported the trip a way to get access to a bigger view of this experience we are doing a Come and See Night!

April 22nd at 6:30pm
St Wenceslaus PAC/gym
All are invited to come a view a presentaion from the group: hear their stories, see phots and video clips and enjoy some coffee and desserts. Fair Trade coffee from the San Lucas Toliman Mission will be for sale as well.

Please contact Andrea at 758-0477 with any questions.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our trip has finished and we are now on our way back to Minneapolis. It was an amazing experience seeing the different culture and all the people along with being able to experience do many new things. My main highlights of the trip would have to be visiting San andres, where we visited a family and played with very appreciative children, helping out on the coffee plantation and talking with the workers that were there, and also climbing up the volcano and being able to experience a whole new view of nature. I am very glad I chose to go on this trip and will remember it for a very long time. It was an amazing experience and it would be great to be able to do it again in the future. -Josh
This trip has been, to say the least, amazing. Just the fact that I got the opportunity to go to Guatemala was incredible. We saw so many beautiful things, the volcano, the cities, the churches, the PEOPLE. Every place we went to, even if it wasn't on time or not intended to be seen, was so much fun. Being able to experience Guatemala spiritually too? That made all the difference. I learned so much about my faith. That, no matter what language we speak, we were all celebrating the same things. And that's all that mattered! Guatemala taught me how truly similiar we all are. Whether they're living thousands of miles away with a completely different way of life or are with us every day in little New Prague. All of God's people are made to love and be loved. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. -Emily
I don't know where to start! This trip has without a doubt been the most amazing experience I've ever had and I am so thankful that I got his opportunity. It's awesome how a trip like this can change your outlook on so many things, at least it did for me. The number one thing it opened my eyes to is the fact that I need to stop looking at the ways that people are different from me and look at the similarities and to stop judging people I don't even know. A smile costs nothing but shows so many things. Seeing them from all the children made me realize that the little things are the big things. :) -Ashley

 I have just had one of the best weeks of my life so far and I'm so sad to see it go. As a group we got closer and had so many memories together that we'll never forget. But also, I learned that two things hold different groups and cultures together; religion and relationships. Just walking through San Lucas, simply sharing a smile or a buenas dias could brighten someone's day and, although the masses were in Spanish, we could participate and still feel one with the people there. It was such a fun experience and I hope to be able to use all the great experiences to make me appreciate everything I have so much more. Thanks to all the people who donated and of course all of our parents who helped this trip happen! -Lexi

On this incredible journey, I got a little bit of sun, but a whole lot of life changing experiences. I have learned so many things here like how you can have true happiness when you have nothing, and how, no matter the language or cultural differences, we can all unite as one under God. The people I have met here, places I have seen, things I have heard and experienced, those are the memories I will hold onto forever. I guess the biggest thing I will take from this is the unexpected places you can see God, and how he truly shines through everyone you meet. I am so blessed and grateful to have been able to come on this mission trip to Guatemala! -Anna

Input on the trip

Words cannot describe how amazing this trip to Guatemala was. It has changed me for the better. Through these experiences I have found that I have so many unnecessary this in my life that I think make me happy. Most of the people in Guatemala have only just the necessities that are needed for life and sometimes even less than that. Also, there were so many people that helped shape me and I will never forget them or the things they have taught me.