Friday, April 6, 2012

Sophomore Input

Well, today has been an interesting day to say the least! Nothing here is like it is in San Lucas. We left the calm serenity of San Lucas for the loud hustle and bustle of Antigua during Santa Semana (Holy Week). We started our day by heading down The Volcano Pacaya and heading back to Antigua. When we arrived here most people showered and got ready for the day since it was actually pretty early. Some people went out  to see Antigua by themselves while others prefered resting after the 2 early days. Around 2 we left to tour the city of Antigua! We saw some old churches and waited for the Stations of the Cross Procession. While we were waiting some of us helped to make a carpet of flowers in the street- very cool! Then around 4:30 it began and right then it started pouring! It was great to watch but hard to focus because of the rain. After the procession we ran back to the hostel but when we got here we were completely soaked. In about 20 minutes we'll be heading to the Rainbow Cafe to eat dinner and learn salsa dancing. Hopefully it'll be a great experience like everything else in Guatemala!

-Emma Z, Emily, and Emma B

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