Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Friends, Family, Facebook Stalkers:
Guatemala is so amazing but everyone is a little sad that today is our last day in San Lucas. Yesterday another group came to the mission so today instead of helping with the coffee project, we had to clean up the library/ cafeteria. While we were doing that these two little boys came in to help clean off the books! When they walked out I saw they had a ball that was falling apart and an old basketball. Still, they were having fun kicking the ball around the mission. Anna and I started playing basketball with them, but with no hoops so to score you had to throw it at the wall... I think. Then more kids started coming and playing and it was pretty funny. I tried to talk to them but it was pretty broken so they kind of laughed awkwardly at me and said things that I didn't understand! Seeing the kids here is one of my favorite parts of this trip, just asking what their names are, how old they are, and about their families. Also, they love to be photographed and see the pictures after! I can't wait to show everyone the pictures when I get home and tell about all of the memories I've made, and I know everyone feels the same as me! Hope everyone is well in the states and can't wait to see everybody!
-Emma Z

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  1. Emma-
    I am sure that all the days of working at the Dome, babysitting kids, clearing tables at Pizza Ranch and bagging groceries at Cub was worth it for the experience you are having. We love you and can't wait to hear all about it.