Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I think my hours are numbered... I accidentally brushed my teeth with faucet water this morning! So now I'm hoping and praying I don't get sick; especially since we're climbing the volcano tomorrow... that could get ugly.
This morning we stayed at the mission to work. A new group of high schoolers arrived and they haven't been to the coffee farm yet. Since we've been twice and today is the last day of work before holiday break we let them go, even though we were really sad not to go. We made friends there and wanted to see them! Yesterday whenever Juan came to bring me more dirt to shovel he would repeat my name in Spanish over and over again: "Laurena, Laurena..." and then smile at me :)
So instead of that today we cleaned the library. I have never seen more spiders (dead and alive) or spider eggs in one place at a time! The books and she\lves were so dusty I wonder if they've ever been cleaned before. But we cleaned them all and it looks really good now! some of the boys abandoned us, so they have to clean spider nests from teh cieling later! Haha!
I'm really excited for this afternoon because a woman named Chona is coming with things to sell from the widows of the village. We're planning on buying most of our gifts here because then we know the money is going straight to the producer.
Speaking of buying, I'm going to check the store down the street with Lauren because she wants to buy a machete (I have no idea how to spell that).
~Lauren Schoenbauer

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  1. Lauren,
    Tell Lauren to make sure the machete is going to fit in a checked bag, and even then, bury it in dirty clothes, etc..., otherwise she may have issues getting it home. Kids have managed in the past, but we've also had to leave some behind.