Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Buenos Dias! These last few days in San Lucas have been awesome, but we have come to our last day here.  Today we will be working in the morning, after morning mass.  After that Chona, a Guatemalan woman who has helped the women of this community greatly, will be speaking to us about her story.  That will be very  informative and insightful.  Once she is done the mission will open their store where alll of the items are made and sold by the widows and orphans that Chona has helped throughout the years.  We get a strange feeling of sadness as we talk about leaving tomorrow for Antigua but at the same time we am very excited to visit a new place.  We have all developed a different outlook on things since arriving three days ago.  This first hand experience of how the rest of the world lives has opened our eyes and ears.
-Jake Lannon

To Karen Gibbs:
The meeting with Ameliana went great!

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